Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Blue Monster

Sailrite Ultrafeed ZigZag blue monster!

It's super busy around here with heavy rubber inner tube production in our work studio.

We are busy getting ready for our first show, The MEC Bikefest June 23rd here in Vancouver. The sewing machine we rented is good for our needs, in fact, we are glad that we can rent to own. This Sailrite is made specifically for heavy fabric (ie. sail fabric). And, it can sew through rubber inner tube quite efficiently. We can now design new products we couldn't dream to do before. It's slow but it can go through pretty much anything (rubber that is) without a blink.

It's heavy around 60 pounds all metal, almost indestructible just don't forget to oil it when it needs it. It's a workhorse.

The only pet peeve is that it's not meant for intricate work, some of our designs are intricate... detail oriented. That means, we have to modify some of the designs keeping it simple as possible.

We have this blue monster until next Monday... and then we'll decide!

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