Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The New GRINTA-CERVINIA Cycling Cap!

by © Red Dots Cycling

For the past two weeks Carolle and I have a morning ritual...

We're up early, around 5:30AM, cheering on Canada's newest hero Ryder Hesjedal! Becoming a larger than life hero by wearing the coveted leader's pink jersey. He's a source of Canadian pride becoming the first Canadian rider to wear the Maglia Rosa! He's already worn twice.


Stage 14 was an epic ride for Ryder on the steep climb to the mountain top finish in Cervinia. Going into that cold and rainy stage he surprised everyone including leader Joaquim Rodriguez by attacking the favorites with 3kms remaining. An attack that worked putting time between the contenders. That day, he took enough time out of Rodriguez to win back the pink jersey and to declare to the rest that he is a contender for GC.

We decided to design a special cycling cap for this occasion. I wrote on twitter that we would be designing the cap and, right away, I receive two twitter messages with interest to buy. Our first prototype was made from black cotton denim. I showed it to my FRFuggitivi group and they mentioned a lighter fabric would work better. Back, to the work table and we decided to change the fabric choosing a lighter linen/cotton for breathability because of the Spring warm weather.

We're very excited to introduce the new, GRINTA-CERVINIA Cycling Cap!

Honoring Ryder Hesjedal's gallant ride up to the ski station of Cervinia to recapture the pink jersey. It's black linen/cotton with special accents: pink under brim with the blue argyle stripe and proudly finishing with a Canadian maple leaf ribbon.

Now available here.

Go Ryder!

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