Monday, 16 April 2012

A Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine & the Shocking Pink Alley

A shocking pink alley greeted us!

Carolle and I set out this morning on a mission: to check out about possibly adding a heavy duty  sewing & embroidery machine to our business.

Our current sewing machine is a 1968 Singer Fashion Mate. Read about Carolle's story here. The machine is a workhorse for us... we love it. It does so much more than it was designed for. We plan on using it and we're hopeful to add another heavy duty sewing machine to help speed up our inner tube production.

The choice in sewing machines is extremely wide and it's difficult to choose due because we have to keep within our budget. We may have found a heavy duty machine but it's a jungle out there when it comes to embroidery.

Stay tune for more details on our continuing sewing machine quest!

 Our Workhorse Star!


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