Monday, 2 April 2012

Custom Colombian Cycling Caps

The new...
Colombian Cycling Sombrero 
by Red Dots Cycling.

Carolle and I are proud to be associated with Klaus of Cycling Inquistion  because you can find the classic and flashy Colombian Cycling Sombreros there to purchase.

In case you haven't had the pleasure to read his excellent cycling blog, then may I suggest that you do so! I'm a regular reader and I enjoy the historical context of Colombia and cycling. I have my heroes of the eighties, the time I started cycling: Herrera, Jimenez, Flores, Parra, Wilches ...the list goes on.

A great time for the emergence of world cycling. A time it was all about the classic cycling cap. You would always see it on the riders, especially on the podium. And now, it seems to be disappearing from the peloton.

This is what Red Dots Cycling is all about; preserving and promoting the classic cycling cap. It's so practical; smart looking and convenient. And may I say, we're bringing the classic cycling cap back to it's rightful prominence in the cycling world!


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