Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Littlest Cycling Caps

Bella! Isabella!
photos courtesy bettybhandari

It started when our Vancouver friends asked us to produce kid's cycling caps for their two kids. They loved them.

We thought why not make a few more and test them out at craft shows. Surprisingly, the interest was lukewarm, hard to say, it could be lack of publicity or wrong market. Carolle and I decided to shelf the idea.

A short while ago, our friends in the UK, Jason and Betty asked us if we can custom size two caps for their daughter Isabella. The caps are exactly the same high quality as our adult caps except smaller. We shipped them off to have Jason and Betty determine if the cap size was right. Not only the right size, look how fabulous it looks on her! We see a future potential cyclist here!

We proudly make custom cycling caps size: 19 1/2" right up to 26". Starting cost per cap is $32 USD  depending upon fabric availability. Just contact us with your questions: info@reddotscycling.ca

Isabella looks so wonderful with the custom children's cycling caps and at eight months going to nine will ride with her dad and mom looking every bit like a cyclist.

She definitely is our youngest customer and she receives our gold award for best looking with our custom cycling caps!


photo: Red Dots Cycling

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