Friday, 23 March 2012

Early Spring, March Madness

Beside our studio...
Spring & Daffodils are calling!

Our wholesale cycling cap orders are growing.

I thought to take some time out to acknowledge and embrace it like Spring. We started having wholesale custom cap orders at ten at a time. Now, the bar is raised and we're fielding orders at 50 caps!

It certainly can be a little stressful at times but we're happily embracing it. We are thankful to have our older clients come back for our caps. And, also so exciting to have new customers for our world famous handmade cycling caps.

March is two thirds over and Richard and I are so busy producing wholesale orders. As you all know we are selling our classic black linen/cotton cap at Bench & Loom. And, another order is on our work table. 

When it's this busy we're so focused on the job that we forget other things. Richard is usually always ready for the first day of Spring, turning every clock and watch we own, forward. Not this time. He missed it, a record for him, he was taken totally by surprise. I actually noticed it first and told him.

Spring is early for us here in Vancouver, and I must admit we are late in designing our new collection. We have tons of ideas for new inner tube products and I feel that April will be... just as busy!


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