Thursday, 9 February 2012

Red Dots Cycling Cap: Size Matters!

Regular Sizing in darker area.
X/S and X/L available only upon request.

What is that they say, "Size Matters."

Well it does, in our new sizing for our Red Dots Cycling Caps.

From our experience producing cycling caps, Carolle and I know there's not one size fits all. So, we decided to expand our sizing range for all new Red Dots Cycling Caps. We've included two new sizes: Small/Medium (21" - 22 1/2") & Medium/Large (22 1/2" - 24"). Our new M: 25 is our first cap to have the two sizes available.

It's our goal, since day one, to come up with the best fitting cycling caps. A lot of trial and error goes through the process. Learning the intricacies of many different fabric types realizing that one size does not fit all. And that everyone has a slightly different head shape.

What we did was remove our medium size to include offer a broader size range. Our new regular sizing starts at  21" to  24". A good standard size range.

Method One using a flexible tape.

The best way to measure your head for a proper fit is:

One: Flexible Measuring Tape Method. (If you don't have one, Ikea has it for free).

Place tape around head just above the ears slightly lower at the back and take your measurement.

Two: Cord Method.

Choose a cord that does not stretch. Place the cord around head. Make a mark. Measure the cord.

If you are a 22 1/2" size, you have the choice to go small/medium giving you a nice snug shallower fit. On the other hand, if you like a looser fit go with the medium/large as it fits deeper. If you happen to be outside the size range (21-24") we can help you by making a XS or XL cap at no extra cost, depending upon fabric availability. Or, if you require a cap that is totally unique, we can custom make you a special cap for extra cost. All you have to do is email us with your details.

It's one thing to have a beautifully handmade cycling cap, for us, it's also important to have a cycling cap that fits well!

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