Thursday, 2 February 2012

Our DIY Photoshoot

Richard setting up for a pouch shoot.

You can take professional looking product images... without breaking the bank. Call it DIY photography!

It's important to have your products look the best possible. We like to use things that you can find at home or readily available at hardware and art supply stores. This means buying some sort of lighting, of course, shooting in daylight is not always an option here in raincouver. 

It is easier to shoot with a daylight balanced light source. Why? It will save you tons of time in post production ie Photoshop. We bought two inexpensive flood lights at Home Depot. There are many ways to make the light set up but this is the cheapest and quickest way that works for us.

We made a foldable 3 panel Chloroplast white U shape wall that holds the white paper with two buffalo clips and two spots at 45 degrees. Our setup is only good for small objects. 

The secret: point the two floods so it reflects off the opposite panels thus giving you softer shadows and even light.

The finish result...
Le Chasseur Cycling Cap. by Reddotscycling

Here's our equipment list...

1. White Chloroplast. (We are lucky to have recycled panels... Thanks Duane!)
2. Two flood lights. Home Depot $32 dollars.
3. Two daylight bulbs. Home Depot $3 dollars.
4. White background paper. You can find at art or photo supply stores. (A gift from a photographic rental house).
5. Two buffalo clips.

Cost of photographic equipment: $19 dollars and the satisfaction of having taken your own product shots... PRICELESS!


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