Saturday, 28 January 2012


So rewarding when our customers take the time to leave us comments of our handmade cycling caps.

We spend so much of our time actually producing our cycling caps whenever we receive feedback it's like getting a pat on the back saying you're doing a great job and keep going!

Here's some wonderful testimonials we've received from our happy customers... all so appreciated!

 "Nice & original - keep up the good work! C" Switzerland. 

"A great-fitting, beautifully-made cap from beautiful material. The addition of the 'British Woolens' label is a classy touch. Credit to Richard and Carolle for preserving and promoting the classic cycling cap amidst the increasing ubiquity of the baseball cap."  London, UK. 

"Thanks so much! Everyone really likes the work! "  USA

"A lovely hat, that fits wonderfully. It just took some getting used to, but I mean, it was my first cycling hat, and because of such, I'm thankful I bought it from galstudio."  USA.

"My husband is the envy of his bike team. These caps are the best!"  USA. 

"Love Your caps !!!! make so well... thank you for knowing what a cycling cap looks & feels like!!! " USA.

"Despite problems with the postal service and not receiving my original order, Galstudio went the extra mile to find a solution. Two thumbs up! Galstudio is a great seller, with great products and great customer service! Thanks for everything!"  USA. 

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