Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Climbing To New Heights As Red Dots Cycling!

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Welcome to the new Red Dots Cycling Blog!

You knew us as Galstudio, now Carolle and I have rebranded the company and is now called ...Red Dots Cycling!

Under the Galstudio name, this name wasn't really representing what we sell. At that time, due to the heavy logistics of paper work involved, we just kept with it. Now, with a clearer idea of who we are and what we are making, Galstudio has been dropped to make room for the climbing prowess of Red Dots Cycling!

For the last three months, we've been working at finding the right name for the company. And, it wasn't easy, but many sessions brainstorming over glasses of wine sure helps. We came up with one name and it looked like a GO. We left it on the shelf, in between work and Christmas, to percolate. When we were at the logo design phase, we looked at it again and the name didn't work for us any longer.

Then, Carolle came up with the idea (the eureka moment) that it had to be cycling related and wanted red dots symbolizing the KOMs jersey. We are both excited how simple, easy and meaningful the name is to anyone that knows the Tour de France. Soon afterwards, the Carolle designed the logo in quick fashion.

Many customers say our handmade cycling caps fits even better than the leading cycling cap brands in the World. With ongoing feedback from our customers, has helped us to make major improvements to our cycling caps. Over the last few years, our cycling cap design have changed for the better and we will continue to improve our design and expand our product line.

Visit our new site: to take advantage of our sale and make sure to follow this blog for the latest news: upcoming cycling caps, reviews, craft shows, new rubber inner tube products/designs and news from our studio.

Thank you for supporting Galstudio and we invite you to enjoy our exciting climb with Red Dots Cycling!


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