Monday, 28 July 2014

Pretty In Pink!

Many thanks to James for sending us this wonderful photo of his daughter enjoying her custom pink cycling cap!

Friday, 25 July 2014

TGIF: New Cycling Cap: Welcome le Grand Départ! & A Scotch Date

Two New Versions: The Grand Départ cycling caps!
photo Red Dots Cycling

Sometimes good and not so good things happen, we are happy to solve our recent delay issues and get back to good news to launch our new cycling cap... The Grand Départ!

The Tour de France is mightily huge and French riders are excitingly challenging for the podium.  Our French tribute has two versions; Version 1; French royal blue linen/cotton, full yellow ribbon, embroidered 'rd' with yellow dots (influenced by the yellow jersey) and a bold handmade French tricolor ribbon. Version 2; Everything the same as version 1, we decided to go for a retro look with a full vintage white ribbon. 

Vive le Tour, Vive le France, Vive le Grand Départ!

Now available here.

I know it's only a few days before my birthday, but I received this from Carolle...

I can't wait to taste this!
photo Red Dots Cycling


Friday, 18 July 2014

TGIF: Beer Of Our Day & Our Machine Is Back

New brims ready for the new caps - due out very soon!
photo Red Dots Cycling


We're extra happy today. Whilst it's Friday, it's sushi day and our beer of choice today is Vancouver's own - Stanley Park Belgian style pilsner. Hit's the spot!

Why are we happy? Richard picked up our repaired Pfaff machine and our production is returning back to normal. You have all been amazing waiting patiently for our new cycling cap. We're busy putting the finishing touches on them and they will be available very soon. Thank you!

Hits the spot!
photo Red Dots Cycling

And, don't forget with every order you will receive (1) Free limited edition 100th Tdf inner tube wallet, with our compliments. Hurry now ...while quantities last.

Enjoy le Tour everyone!


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Testimonial From Ryan... With Thanks!

courtesy Ryan Heitz

We like testimonials. Thanks to Ryan for sending us this and enjoy your Londoner cap and our giveaway... a limited edition 100th Tdf embroidered inner tube wallet!

That's right! While quantities last, with every order we will include a 100th Tdf inner tube wallet. Only 9 wallets remaining... hurry and place your order!

Carolle & Richard

Friday, 11 July 2014

TGIF: Road Holland, 'What do you think about the Tour?' Custom Road Holland Cap, Jensie, Cyril Lemoine & Going With The Flow

We love the Polka Dots Lion with race leader Vincenzo Nibali.

courtesy Road Holland

The clever, quirky, entertaining and revealing Road Holland video is back. Jonathan is wild for the Tour as we are, so proudly wearing our custom cap he set out to ask folks down Palm Beach, Florida, 'What do you think about the Tour?' You may be surprised with most of the answers!

Many thanks to Richard for sending me some more photos of folks sporting the custom Road Holland cycling caps at the recent Bike Virginia cycle event!

all photos courtesy Road Holland.

Les Maillot à pois rouges...


Jens Voigt, 1998.

... and today.

Cyril Lemoine, stage 5 

UPDATE of our new cap....

During the last few weeks, we are reminded  - you have to go with the flow.

Our fabric shipment was delayed along with equipment breakdowns and yet amazingly still we pulled out most of our custom orders. Meanwhile our restocking of our regular caps have suffered. And, the launched of our new cap has been delayed. Yes it's work in progress...

Thanks for your patience. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Our Custom Guvnors' Assembly Cap In London

Tour de France, Tour de London
via Adrian McCarthy

It's always a treat to see our cycling caps on displayed and enjoyed somewhere around the world. Today, we would like to thank Adrian for this excellent image of the Guvnors' Assembly cycling cap on stage 3 in London - Chapeau!

You can order your custom Guvnors' Assembly cycling cap here.
photo Red Dots Cycling

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Vive le Tour de France Offer

100th TdF inner tube wallet
photos Red Dots Cycling

We have a Tour de France offering...

We have a small amount (a dozen) of 100th TdF inner tube wallets remaining from last year. This is a special limited edition and made to commemorate the 100th Tour de France. This wonderful wallet is amazingly light and the recycled rubber will look better with age. These wallets are handy and designed to hold some bill notes and some cards. Each unique pouch measures approximately 4 1/2” X 6” open and  4 1/2” X 3" folded and include unique embroidery and French ribbon.

Starting today as a special limited time offer, while quantities last..

with every order we will include... (1) bonus 100th TdF inner tube wallet at no extra cost!

Note: We use recycled inner tubes - all wallets will be slightly different and not exactly as shown.

Go ahead and make your purchase and we will include one handy 100th TdF inner tube wallet with your order. Vive le Tour de France!

Sorry, that's my money and credit card - not included!


Friday, 4 July 2014

TGIF: Road Holland Custom Cap For Bike Virginia, Making 50' Of Custom Ribbon, TdF & New Cap Update.

The Road Holland serious & stylish duo: 
Jonathan Schneider (left) & Richard Grossman (far right)
Photos courtesy from

TGIF opens with our recent custom cycling cap collaboration with our friends of Road Holland: the makers of excellent cycling jerseys based in Florida. Richard Grossman contacted me requesting custom caps for their Bike Virginia cycle event. It was a success and may I say Jonathan and Richard look supremely dapper in our custom cycling cap paired with their cool Hilversum jersey - that I also own.  We thank Jonathan and Richard!

The always entertaining Jonathan at Bike Virginia including our custom Road Holland cycling cap...

Once again, we are busy with yet another custom cap order - so busy we've decided to bring in the extra artillery...

Tour de Custom Ribbon...
When the going gets tough our Pfaff 96 gets going!
photo Red Dots Cycling

I have been recruited to work on our Pfaff 96 mechanical sewing machine, we lovingly nicknamed - The Panzer. See photo above - that's me making 50' of custom handmade ribbon for our current order!

We are excited the Tour de France is tomorrow. And, Carolle and I will be up early to watch it live - around 5 AM.

An update on our new cycling cap: Due to unforeseen circumstances we've delayed the launch of our new cap. We planned on introducing it for tomorrow's stage 1 of the Tour only to be delayed until next week!