Monday, 29 April 2013

Introducing the New, Venga! Venga! Cycling Cap

Our new Venga! Venga! cycling cap
Photo: Red Dots Cycling

The production of our newest 3-season cycling cap is finished, the Venga! Venga! cycling cap is now available on our website!

We love the enthusiastic Basque cycling fans screaming, 'Venga! Venga! (Come on, Come on!) to their cycling heroes. We love their enthusiasm for cycling.

VENGA! VENGA!... Forever!

Cycling writer, Rein van de Wouw said it so well of the Basque cycling fans, "And so these boisterous, passionate, intense individuals come to the bike races, to their natural home of the mountains which are the proving ground of the hard climbers. They don't have a word for God: he is simply "the Lord of the high place". Like brigands, they colonize the roads, crowd the approaches, commandeer the heights - and they party, booze, sing and laugh, sometimes sitting in lines on the tarmac to perform their strange rowing ritual. And when the riders appear, they jostle and wave their big flags and roar them through."

This beautiful lite wool polyester plaid cycling cap is good looking to wear on and off the bike. With a touch of Orange we're closer to the Basque cycling fans!

Friday, 26 April 2013

TGIF: Scream of the Wolfman

via horropedia

The image of the wolfman screaming sums up our crazy week. I don't know if it was a full moon, the stars not aligning right or just stress screaming out. When things don't turn out there seems to be an unmistakeable way for it to amplify.

I'm sure glad it's TGIF.

Things should return back to normal!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

La Francaise & OrangeMan Back in Stock!

Vive La Francaise!
Photo: Red Dots Cycling

We are happy to re-stock two of our popular cycling caps; La Francaise and OrangeMan!

There is a change to La Francaise -  no longer will we include the red dots because we were not 100% satisfied how the way it looked. Our idea was to showcase our red dots as a great way to brand our caps - so we'll keep it on the back burner for now.

We decided no more heat pressed red dots... for now.
Photo: Red Dots Cycling

3 Cheers for the OrangeMan!
Photo: Red Dots Cycling

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Cool Blue for Ride Studio Cafe

Looking cool blue

Here's our latest custom cycling caps made exclusively for Ride Studio Cafe of Lexington, MA.

We have made the black cap in the past, and they liked it so much they ordered more. It's a classic. Ride Studio Cafe has been one of our long term clients now and their logo is a beautiful teal blue. It's hard to match this color, and it's a challenge to find it.

Last year, we first discovered this fabric by chance, whilst shopping for winter fabric. The teal blue is so beautiful we decided to buy it. We bought the remaining amount of fabric from the store in the hope of using it for a cycling cap. It's made of linen/cotton. So, when RSC contacted us for a blue cycling cap, well we had it and pitched it to them and they ordered it.

You know when things are aligned so right... it works. The new cycling cap looks so fine!

Our custom cycling caps for Ride Studio Cafe.

Friday, 19 April 2013

TGIF: Venga! Venga! Cycling Cap, Tempo/Paris-Roubaix are back & Singer Fashionmate Update.

Richard with the new Venga! Venga! wool polyester
cycling cap!
photo: ReddotsCycling

Due to increasing demand for a lite wool blend three season cycling cap, here it is...

This is our new cycling cap called, Venga! Venga! It's a wool polyester brown/black plaid, comfortable enough to wear during Autumn, Spring and perhaps during summer. Wool has natural properties keeps you warm in cool temperatures and breathes well when it's warm.

What does Venga! Venga! mean? Crazed Basque cycling fans yell, 'Come on, Come on!' when they see their favorite cyclists ride by. Think of the Tour of the Basque Country or any race wherever the Basque based Euskatel team is riding. Along with a chocolate brown stripe we add a hint of Basque Orange to show our allegiance. This is a sneak peak look and we plan to go into production next week.

Also, we are working on re-stocking our favorite 3-season cycling caps. We now have ample stock on two favorites; Tempo and Paris-Roubaix!

My beloved Singer Fashionmate 257 is currently in the Singer ER. At this point, there's little chance for survival as I keep my fingers crossed for good news. I need to look at options for another sewing machine. It's emotional, I've had it since 1972 without a glitch. I'll found out next week as to the prognosis.

Our indiegogo campaign is about to hit $1000! Imagine what we can do with a new embroidery sewing machine on our new Venga! Venga! cycling cap!

Friday, 12 April 2013

TGIF: New Elastic, Le Grimpeur, Coupon Code & Aussie Aussie Aussie!

It has been a busy week so ...TGIF!

Whenever we can include recycled materials in our products is a plus for sustainability. It is a pleasant surprised to find this elastic from our supplier. A material that is hidden in our caps but deserves to be revealed. It makes us feel good to use this product; 72% Polyester, 28% rubber... 70% total recycled fiber. Made by Singer and not made in China but in India! Now that it's tested it is used in all of our new cycling caps!

Carolle and I would like to Thank Guy of Le Grimpeur for his excellent post of our cycling caps and indiegogo cycling cap campaign. Read it here. We love it when people talk about us!

Speaking about our indiegogo campaign, we just received our first contribution from Australia. Always exciting that our campaign is viewed around the world!

We just wanted to say a quick thank you to all our fans for your support! Here's a 10% discount code to use on our site across our full range. Starts today until April 22nd!         

Coupon Code: 10THNX

Cancellara about to ruin Vammarcke's Sunday.

Kudos to Carolle, she woke up with me at 4 AM to watch the exciting action of Paris-Roubaix. Now, I don't think I can convince her to wake up at 5 AM this Sunday to watch the Amstel Gold Race!

Monday, 8 April 2013

SOS Singer Sewing Machine with Help From Jen & Jim

It's so important to have friends to count on, in a time of need.

This past weekend, we were reminded how good our friends are. We worked on Paris-Roubaix Sunday, waking early at 4 AM for the exciting race. The day started early enough. Joey was over to work on his costume for his upcoming play. So, time was divided between his project and our ongoing huge custom cap order.

My Singer had been purring along, like it already does. Then suddenly, I noticed a muffled sound that reminded me that I needed to perform some maintenance. The sound grew consistent and loud. To my horror after lifting the top lid I discovered one of the gears was broken in half! Probably the only piece of plastic in this almost all metal Singer 257 sewing machine.

I had to quickly make a decision. Again, by this time my day was rather long and I'm tired so the thought of not having my sewing machine working (this is the first time ever) to finish my order didn't quite cause a panic. I was cool as a cucumber and I contacted my friends Jim and Jen for help. I've known these two for a long time, true friends. We've done so many crazy things together even crossing Canada, in three days in a snow storm, in a pick up truck.

Jen was so nice and invited us over to pick up her machine. She had it ready to go and showed me how to thread it. Now I can finish my custom cap order on time...

Thanks to the power of two good friends... Jen and Jim!

Friday, 5 April 2013

TGIF: Over a Week & Vancouver's New Bike Station

New and free

Our indiegogo embroidered cycling cap campaign has taking more time than we anticipated.

We haven't had the time to relaxed. It's emotionally exciting and draining. It's like a full time job maintaining it; answering questions and taking care of the social media side. We are juggling many balls and we are the middle of a huge production for custom cycling caps. The feedback has been very positive. Since launching our embroidered cap project our online sales have doubled. Which is very good. Also, lots of exposure on other cycling posts - very grateful for this. If you missed it's here and here.

It's now over a week since our launch and we would like to thank everyone for all the positive feedback.

We have 34 days remaining... our campaign just started so contribute and share our link!

Interesting news from our fair city...

The power of the bike speaks tomorrow with a new bike repair station opening in Vancouver. We support this idea...

“This is awesome, we should have more of these in the city”, says student and avid cyclist GP Mendoza, “they open up future potential for cyclists of all ages and abilities”. Having access to tools for free, as well as being near a high-traffic bike route, will benefit and ease the ride of anyone with a bike.

The two bike stations will be at the Woodwards Atrium and Science World (next to the free air pump).

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Indiegogo: Introducing Our New L'equipe $35 Perk

With your contribution of $35 gets you one Cappello Nero Cycling Cap
w/  embroidered Red Dots Cycling logo.
photo: Red Dots Cycling

There is 37 days remaining on our exciting indiegogo campaign of offering embroidered cycling caps. So, to spice it up we are excited to introduce - L'equipe $35.00 Perk!

It's a good one, contribute only $35.00 and be part of the team, receive: one Special Edition black linen/cotton cycling cap embroidered with Red Dots Cycling logo!

This design is based on our best seller -  Cappello Nero. When we first started to sell online, this black classic cap was among the first five caps offered. Right from the start it has remained a favorite. What's not to like!

We had a customer that lost his Cappello and loved it so much bought a new one. Talk about Love!

Contribute $35 - and join our team!