Monday, 13 July 2015

Channeling my inner Virenque

photo courtesy Mario Bartel

Yesterday our FRFuggitivi group embraced (or at least I tried to) the climb up Mt. Seymour (elevation: 1000 metres, length: 13km). It's our own storming of the Bastille Day climb in honor of tomorrow's mountains in Le Tour de France. To us, mountains mean Mt. Seymour a long savage climb and it was good reason to ride with French theme kits. I channeled my inner Virenque wearing the new King of the Mountains cap brim up to show our flashy polka dots. I'm not a climber and my struggle up was anything but flashy however I comfortably rode in the auto bus with Mario enjoying our conversations watching the kilometers signs tick by.

King of the Mountains cycling cap.
photo Red Dots Cycling

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