Friday, 16 May 2014

TGIF: Little King Dutch, Corsa Rosa Will Return & Antipodean Embrace for Our Wool Winter Caps

Rory is the little King Dutch.
courtesy Tristan Denton

Lately, we have been receiving requests to make custom cycling caps for kids. Tristan (from the UK) contacted us wanting a King Dutch cycling cap for his son, Rory. Depending upon fabric availability,   the smallest custom cycling cap we can make is size XS (19.5" - 21"). Take a look at our shop for the styles offered. Production time usually is about 2 weeks. Rory is the little King Dutch!

As the Giro d'ltalia is in full swing, it's been exciting racing. Tomorrow is the first mountain stage and it promises to shake up the GC. Jenny is wearing our Corsa Rosa and looks to be set to watch stage 8 (we will too)...

Good news: We now have the material, from our supplier, to produce a new batch of Corsa Rosa cycling caps! We should have a new generation of Corsa Rosa caps well before the end of the Giro - check back soon for the re-launch of our popular Corsa Rosa cap!

Whilst our 3-season cycling caps are popular as ever, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere - namely Australia & New Zealand, and winter is approaching - our winter cycling caps are the popular choice. Our Antipodean friends are embracing...

Black Sheep winter cap made from 100% Italian wool.
photo Red Dots Cycling

Chapeau to all of our customers both loyal and new and enjoy the Giro d'ltalia!

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