Friday, 7 March 2014

TGIF: Making The Better Cycling Cap & Thanks Jordan!

Paris-Roubaix Cycling Cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

TGIF opens with a wonderful post from Jordan of

Jordan recently received the Paris-Roubaix cap, for a birthday gift, and what caught my eye was his impeccable review of our handmade cycling cap...

'Among the presents was a cycling cap. A very nice cycling cap. A cycling cap to make all others look obsolete.'

Furthermore, he described our Release the Hounds-tooth Winter Cap...

'looks well made with quality and overall finish as a main priority. Take into consideration that a big brand such as Castelli or Rapha would charge a lot more than £31.90 for a winter cap the Release the Hounds-tooth Winter Cap is a bargain.'

Since day one, Carolle and I set out to make the finest handmade products that everyone, cyclists and non-cycylists, can appreciate and enjoy. To be compared to the big brands is  both a compliment and also fuels our passion to produce the finest handmade cycling caps. This year, our custom cap market has grown and so has the learning curve of creating challenging and fun designs for cycling teams/clubs worldwide. We're constantly learning how to make the best made and comfortable wearing cycling caps ...because we wear them everyday on the bike too. Cycling is in our blood and without our cycling customers we could not grow.

Thanks Jordan and Ride-on with the Paris-Roubaix!


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