Saturday, 11 May 2013

TGIF: Thinking Pink!, Singer RIP & Last Words on our Crowdfunding Campaign

Our new cap honoring the Giro d'ltalia!
photo: Red dots Cycling.

We love the Giro!

And, we decided to produce a new cycling cap. This is the prototype, it's black linen/cotton (similar to our Cappello Nero) comfy to wear on or off the bike. It's that good looking. To celebrate our favorite Spring Grand Tour - we sewn in a pink ribbon with the Italian tricolore. We love detail and it's in the ribbons. We could not find the ribbon and we decided to make it ourselves. That means we sew in each ribbon individually. One detail that may or may not make the final design is the Italian tricolore overstitch on top of the brim. Production will begin this week ...Bellissimo!

Bad news on Carolle's Singer Fashionmate.

We finally receive the news that it's beyond repair. It was an emotional letting go.

After receiving so many comments to have embroidery on our cycling caps, we tried crowdfunding and  it was a learning experience. We are now trying to look at ways as how to afford a sewing/embroidery machine to fulfill the perks. Thank you to all who contributed!

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