Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My First Thoughts on my New Pfaff Creative 3.0

Simple embroidery,
this took a matter of minutes to complete.
photo: Red Dots Cycling

We have our new machine!

The Pfaff Creative 3 is anything like my old Singer Fashionmate. A stark contrast of two technologies. The Singer was a mechanical workhorse, easy to understand and you can sit in front of it and just sew away. My new Pfaff is full of features that I'm happy to have. I don't recommend this machine for the first-time seamstress. It maybe overwhelming at first. Having basic sewing knowledge would make it easier to be able to get the most out of this machine. One thing that surprises me is that the Pfaff should never be oiled. For me, this is what I always do every month for maintenance. Now, all I have to do is dust it.

Two boxes equals Pfaff Fun!
One holds the machine and the other holds
the embroidery module.
photo: Red Dots Cycling

When I first opened the box I took it out and tried many different stitches that I normally use when making my caps. I couldn't help myself by trying more decorative stitches. This amazing machine comes with 250 stitch patterns. Mind blowing when my old Singer offered only two. The main reason why we chose this machine is it will replace my broken Singer as my new sewing machine and embroider as well.

Why do I know Pfaff? Well, I have a Pfaff serger I purchased from Sabine at Pfaff in Vancouver. That was back in 2006. I've used my serger as much as I sew. It is an essential part of my sewing room and works effortlessly without any problems. Based on my experience with Pfaff, it just made sense to step up to the new machine. I want to thank the ever helpful, Sabine of Pfaff in Vancouver!

It comes loaded with embroidery designs, but I don't think flowers and animals would make a good cycling cap design. What I'm interested to do is to design custom logos and import the designs into the machine.

This machine is very efficient producing the Celtic design I downloaded free online. It took minutes to produce as all I had to do is sit back and be amazed. New technology is simply wonderful. I envision our cycling caps to look even better with your teams' logo or a teams' name.

As you know, we did not reach our goal in the embroidery crowdfunding project. This means, at this time, I am unable to design logos. But, I'm exploring other options in order to digitize my logos. One thing at a time and one step closer to offering embroidered team cycling caps - Richard and I are excited!


Humming along!
photo: Red Dots Cycling

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