Saturday, 23 March 2013

Project Embroidered Cycling Caps via indiegogo

We have looked high and low on how we can move our embroidery project forward.

Our customers have been begging us, for a little while now, to include embroidery on our cycling caps. This is something we wanted to do for a long time. But, the reality is the equipment is specialize and expensive. Our attempt to work with an embroidery company has not been successful. So, our best solution is to get the embroidery machine and really push embroidery where no embroidery has gone before!

After reading on different crowd funding platforms, the best option for us is indiegogo.

From the first idea of knowing that we wanted to launch this campaign it's amounted to days of writing, re-writing, shooting a video, editing that... It's everything we do not normally do and pushes us to go further outside of our comfort zone.

So, here it is, our campaign and we are proud of it... Please go ahead and spread the word to your friends, family, business associates, the more visibility we have the faster we can achieve our goal!

Thanks to indiegogo for the opportunity to live our dream and Thank You to everyone for considering our project...


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