Monday, 3 December 2012

New: The Presta Winter Cycling Cap at Raiment Cycling Clothing

May we direct your attention!

Our new stock of winter cycling caps have arrived at Mussette Caffe/ Raiment Cycling Clothing store.

You will find your favorite winter caps; L'Enfer du Nord, Brits, La Fleche Wallonne, Red Hunting, Flemish, Petit Breton...

You will also discover the new 100% British Wool winter cap called the ... Presta! We do not have it on our website as of yet. At this moment, it's only available at Raiment Cycling Clothing!

We thought our Brits winter cap was our finest cap, but we can already predict the new Presta winter cycling cap will surpass it. Why? The superior quality of the wool, it's an understated black/gray... so check it out!

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