Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Skank it up on the SKA Piccola Wallet

You're Welcome, Jam...
Skank it up!

It all started with a request on making a custom SKA cycling cap.

Ska: A music genre from Jamaica in the 1950s. Characterized with heavy moving bass it's popular with the 1960s British Mods.

Jam from the UK was looking for a special SKA cycling cap. We loved the idea! And there's a cool tie-in of the chequered pattern of the 70s-80s Peugeot cycling teams.

We had problems finding the chequered pattern fabric... it was a quest. After trying many suppliers we did come up with a small supply and introduce a limited edition SKA-licious cap. Jam asked us to produce a SKA La Piccola wallet and we did have enough fabric to make him two.

It sure was fun to Skank it up with Jam!

SKA-licious Cycling Cap.


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