Friday, 14 September 2012

TGIF: Karmic Box, Flandrian Comeback & Welcome Back Brits!

Look what we received from ilsoigneur!

Hey Everybody it's TGIF!

We like to send our HEARTY THANKS! to the gracious ilsoigneur for the fabulous package we recently received. It's all about karma and we were contacted that they had left over Harris Wool that they would like to send to us... free! We love the idea, we love our wool and how can you say, No to Harris Wool? We will happily re-cycle this, unfortunately it's not enough for a cycling cap but we will introduce this as an accent in a new rubber product this October.

How classy it is... 
wrapped in the pink La Gazzeta dello Sport newspaper!

Beautiful Harris Wool samples!

The Flandrian cycling cap is making a ....comeback.

We love the Flandrian and it's making a comeback!
Red Dots Cycling.

We have a few ideas of changing the design and that has to do with finding the right ribbon. The previous Belgian ribbon stripe had to be made so we have to come up with something creative. The ribbon was time consuming made of satin, extremely hard to work with. But, we love the Flandrian... once the stripe is resolved its coming back!

The ever-popular Brits 100% Wool Winter Cycling Cap is back!

Brits Back!
Red Dots Cycling.

Luckily, we secure even more of the beautiful 100% British fine wool and proudly have it back in stock. Last season was the debut of the Brits and it sold out. And, we have sewn in the label, "100% Superfine Wool..." It was wildly popular feature of this lovely cap. The Brits is available in two sizes: S/M and M/L. It's difficult to gauge how long we will have it, again we never know if or when we can secure more the British Wool.

Have a good weekend!

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