Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Why We Baby Our Wool!

Sneak Peek...
Four new wool fabrics for new winter cycling caps!

Wool is a noble material to work with.

It's been around since circa 6,000 BC. The oldest wool garment appeared around 5,000 BC. It's properties: elasticity (naturally stretches for a better fit), built-in climate control (natural insulator keeps the body warm in the winter and naturally breathable to keep the body cool in summer). Wool fibre is the original wicking fibre, tends to be water repellent and can easily absorbed 1/3 of it's weight without feeling damp.

Next to linen/cotton, we LOVE working with wool. No wonder, people have been using it for so long. One the most comfortable materials to wear next to your skin.

We maybe one of the only companies, that we know of, that babies their wool to the point of true love.

Here's what we do...

First, the wool fabric is gently immerse in a hot water bath. We do not want to 'felt' our wool. We let it soak for about an hour, no wringing and wrapping a towel to squeeze the water from it. This is not to stretch the fibre. Afterwards, we complete the shrinkage process by ironing it dry. Then it's ready to be use.

Do you think this is a little crazy?

No! We don't think so!

We want you to have the best wool cycling caps that keeps you warm and fits well for a long time!

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