Monday, 7 May 2012

New: Cappello Nero Rosso Cycling Cap!

Introducing our new...
Cappello Nero Rosso!
© Red Dots Cycling.

In the early days, of our company, the Cappello da Ciclismo Nero cycling cap had it's humble origins  in all black. Then we revolved with a stripe that ran all the way to the brim. We experimented with the stripe color; blue/black and red/black.

Recently, we made a custom cap order for a client, and it reminded us of the old Cappello with red stripe. Well, we decided to bring back an old classic, and call it... The Cappello Nero Rosso Cycling Cap! We love the racing red, Italian for... rosso!

Made from Linen/cotton. Linen is a wonderful fabric, it breathes and wicks well. The cotton makes it comfortable to wear... a classic combination. Now, we have the classic Cappello; all black and the Rosso!

Now in two sizes available: Small/medium and Medium /large!

Back in 2009...
Cappello da Ciclismo Nero with
the continuous red/black stripe.

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