Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Compared to Rapha

The Cycling Inquisition Sombrero by 
Red Dots Cycling

This morning Klaus sent me this wonderful comment on the Cycling Inquistion Cycling Caps made by Carolle and I. You can purchase it here.

We know our cycling caps are very well design and beautifully handmade to our rigid specifications. For me, classic is the way to go. I am passionate riding my 25 year old steel lugged Marinoni and I could not imagine riding without one of our classic cycling caps.

After a few years of designing and re-designing, we're very confident to offer the best cycling caps we can make. 

To be compared to the famous Rapha it certainly makes us feel that we're finally breaking away and catching up to the head of the peloton in cycling caps.

"Thanks for the LBL recap Klaus, but I'm writing more to say thanks for the Cycling Inquisition cap which arrived here in the UK a couple of days ago. What a lovely piece of kit it is, and if anybody is considering buying one I can honestly say it's the best cycling cap I have ever had. It is;

> Made with lovely, substantial cotton, not the thin stuff on cheaper, throw away musettes.
> A proper size large with a deep "bowl" that fits more fully than a casquette.
> The peak is stiff but not plastic and so will not break like virtually all cycling caps that I have.

I have several Rapha caps for which I pay their price premium in part because I like the design but mainly because they are sized and I need a larger cap for my big head - one size fits all tends to be a bit tight on me (a skull krusher you could say). The Cycling Inquisition cap beats the Rapha hands down in most "departments" AND is cheaper. The material is better, the "build" quality equal, the design better and, best of all, I won't ruin it by accidentally (and irreparably) snapping the peak. Call this a recommendation ..........."

Steve from the UK.


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