Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Pricing, New Weekly Sale!

© Red Dots Cycling

We are going through growing pains with our business.

The first is that we realized that our old name of Galstudio didn't relate to our products. So we rebranded to Red Dots Cycling.

The second part, is that we realize our pricing was too low and didn't reflect directly with the high quality craftsmanship of our product. Each cycling cap is carefully design, we choose the best fabric available. The fabric is tested, pre-washed for shrinkage and to remove any lingering dye before it goes into small batch production. By working closely with our customers we realize we needed to introduce a wider range of sizing. Because we don't believe one size fits all in cycling caps!

We don't brag often. The privacy of our customers are very important to us. But it sure reinforces us that we're on the right track and give us further motivation to produce classic, fine handmade cycling caps. We are compared to some of the big names in cycling caps and we've even sold to one of the champions of the Tour de France, we're humbled and so grateful!

Now, our regular cycling caps are $32.00 USD and we are introducing a weekly sale section on our Etsy site. Because folks love a deal.

Every week, there will be a few different products offered on sale. When it's gone it's gone!

And so, we now launch our new weekly sale! Featuring...

The Routier Cycling Cap & Recycled Piccolo Pouch!

© Red Dots Cycling

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