Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The New M: 25 Cycling Cap

I like our new M: 25 cycling cap!

Today, we proudly launch our first handmade cycling cap design for Red Dots Cycling. May I introduce... the M: 25!

Inspired by my restored 1987 Marinoni in medium blue. It's a celebration of a 25 year old cycling bond with my old steel lugged friend. In case you haven't figured it out... M = Marinoni & 25 = 25 years.

This amazing medium blue was a standard color offered by Cycles Marinoni. And I first fell in love with it seeing the 1970s team Ferretti De Rosas, a beautiful bike with a beautiful color. The Italians know how to make their bicycles sing!

A classic combination with my 
1987 steel lugged Marinoni.

The blue of the M: 25 is as close as we can match it to the frame color. It's made of cotton/polyester twill. And we wanted to use this fabric because it's stiff enough to give structure to the cap and light enough so it breathes well. We chose the unconventional two stripes because we were inspired by the beautiful white banding and black script of my Marinoni, a classic combination.

We wanted this cap to be special, I mean 25 years is certainly a milestone. During the design phase, as soon as I mentioned, "How about two stripes?" Carolle replied, "How about three dots?" Brilliant! And from now on, all of our new cycling caps will be easily recognizable with the three red dots in the back. The red dots will be part of our new branding.

Our new red dots in the back!

Also new, we've included two new sizing; available in Small/Medium (21 - 22 1/2") & Medium/Large (22 1/2 - 24"). A separate post on sizing is upcoming.

Happy 25 to my Marinoni with our new ...M: 25 cycling cap!


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